Atmos Rx Overview

Hailed as one of the best portable vaporizers for herbs, Atmos Raw represents superior quality like no other. It has been regarded as the most powerful as well as affordable vape pen in the market in recent years. Unlike other dry herb vaporizers being sold online, Atmos Raw for Sale proves itself to be the only portable vaporizer that has the ability to facilitate the vaporization of cannabis effectively. If you are thinking into switching to the use of vaporizers to enjoy smoking cannabis, here is a short but very helpful review about the Atmos Raw Vaporizer.

Product Overview

Since its inception last 2012, the Atmos Raw Vaporizer was able to capture the curiosity of weed smokers from everywhere in the globe. It presents itself as the perfect solution for portable and hassle-free smoking. The cutting-edge features and breakthrough technologies which have been introduced by Atmos Raw is now being replicated by other companies. But as discerning consumers, we are all aware of the fact that pinoneers most often boast better materials and have better research and development facilities, resulting in guaranteed superior dry herb vaporizers that you can use for many years to come.

One of the major selling points of Atmos Raw is that it is relatively slim and small, making it the best companion when travelling. It’s not your typical electronic cigarette or vaporize, as its slim features are considered to be the best device for smoking weed. Although the Atmos Raw is more of a vape pen than a standard-size dry herb vaporize, it is known to carry a significant amount of bud, thus ensuring a continuous pleasurable experience.

Yet another benefit of using Atmos Raw for sale vaporizers is that of its battery power. The extra-long and durable battery of Atmos Raw adds to the extreme portability of this dry herb vaporizer. Many have reported that a fully-charged Atmos Raw actually lasts for an entire day. This means that you do not have to carry your charger with you as batteries are long-lasting and can be used for a few days for those who are not heavy smokers.

Lastly, the Atmos Raw is a highly flexible vaporizer in that consumers can use other Atmos Raw cartrdiges. For those who have remaining cartridges from older versions, they will not be put to waste as you can still enjoy them when smoking with Atmos Raw.


Dry Herb Vaporizer – A Basic Guide on Choosing the Right Vaporizer for Dry Blends

Since the first line of dry herb vaporizer devices hit the market, a multitude of new vapes have been introduced, with many of them featuring a pen-style. These pen-style vaporizers offer herb consumers not only with a greater level of stealth, but also with a much higher amount of convenience, since they can use the devices almost anywhere, anytime. However, with so many models and brands available, it is common for consumers to make the mistake of getting a device that is completely a waste of their time and money.

If this is your first time getting into the world of dry herb blend vapes and you need help in choosing the right device, some of the most important things to keep in mind.

Reviewed by Independent and Reliable Third Party Organizations

One of the best ways for you to know whether or not a a vape is worth your time and money is to check out dry herb vaporizer reviews. Many of these reviews are found via the World Wide Web. Before believing those that you will read though, it is extremely important that the source is actually reliable. The review should also be comprehensive, and should take into consideration the following components or aspects:

  1. Affordability
  2. Versatility
  3. Stealth
  4. Durability
  5. Ease of Refill
  6. Safety of Use

Heating Methods Available

As of the moment, there are 2 different basic heating methods when it comes to the use of a dry herb vaporize:

  1. Conduction – The dry herb blend that will be vaporized is placed on a metal component that will be heated so that the active ingredients of the blend will be released.
  2. Convection – The blend will never be in contact with the heating element used by herbal vaporizers. Instead, a polyfill medium is used to place the blend on to, which is then heated to release the material’s active ingredients.

The Standard Components that Make Up these Pen-Style Vaporizers

Many of the products that you will find available in the market today make use of the same base unit, something that almost always runs on a lithium ion battery. This feature makes these vaporizers look very much alike, in addition to the fact that their chargers and components can be interchanged. It is worthy to note that these “standard” components are mostly made in China, and in most reviews, their performance takes precedence over other aspects. So when looking for a herb vaporizer review, it is a must that you select one that also includes information about the device’s safety of use.

Approval from the Food and Drug Administration

As mentioned above, most of the standard parts and accessories of even the best pen-style vaporizers are made in China. However, many of them have been tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have been approved by the organization. It is extremely vital for you to choose a vaporizer that comes with FDA approval, as this means that it does not present any health issues. Nevertheless, you should always apply the ‘buyer beware’ saying here. Regardless of what brand of marijuana vaporizer pen you will invest on, make sure that you follow the directions of its use.

Reasons for Going Online when Buying a Vape Pen


Reasons for Going Online when Buying a Vape Pen


For many smokers, the question of whether to purchase a vaporizer in favor of a real bong, pipe, or paper has been replaced with the concern of should they buy dry herb vaporizers online or from retail stores. There is no question that vaporizers pose enormous benefits for old and new smokers, however, many individuals do not appear to be convinced that there is a difference on whether they buy their devices online or from retail stores.


Considering safety concerns from various regulating agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and some groups of health experts, choosing where to get your vaporizer can make a difference. There are actually a number of manufacturers and resellers that put varying brands on the market for customers to enjoy. Unfortunately, not all of these manufacturers subscribe to the same safety and quality standards that can only be clarified by online sellers. Here are other reasons to consider why you should buy herbal vaporizer products online.


•           These products are relatively expensive.


It is important to clarify that although vaporizers can become extremely cheaper in the long run, the initial investment can be quite expensive. Considering that a quality herb vaporizer, one of the best ones may cost anywhere from $50 to $600, depending on the manufacturer, design, style, and other features. Vape pens normally contain the battery, the vaporizer itself, a couple of cartridges, and the charger.


When you choose to buy dry herb vaporizers online, you can benefit from a number of promos and discount codes. These promos and discount codes are commonly offered by affiliate websites, print publications, and the website of the manufacturer.


Usually, they can only be redeemed when purchases are made online and can result in substantial saving of anywhere from 10% to 30% (sometimes even 50%) depending on the promos and discount codes that you receive. This will make your purchase truly worth your investment.


•           The devices should be subjected to periodic maintenance.


Customers should realize that these types of devices are not maintenance-free. It is important that to ensure they function properly for the longest time possible, they should be maintained properly. Usually, the website of the manufacturer or the reseller will offer numerous tips and guidelines on how to make sure that the vaporizers are protected and continue to work as they are designed by the manufacturer to avoid any potential problems and accidents.


Some of the questions that owners have can also be readily answered online. Moreover, many of the websites that provide support also offer illustrations along with user forums that will not only help owners understand the function of their devices, but also exchange opinions and tips on how to maximize the benefits of their vape pens. This is a benefit that cannot be provided by retail stores to their customers.


•           No FDA regulation imposed.


Because vaporizers do not contain tobacco and are highly discreet, they are not covered by any existing laws on tobacco in the country. The use of vape pens are approved in states that have agreed on selling medicinal marijuana. This also means that the usual standards and quality testing cannot be used with these devices. Normally, this is where the cause of concern begins to manifest because many of the products are manufactured outside the country and in facilities that have dubious backgrounds.


By choosing to buy vaporizers online, customers will be able to see feedback from other buyers on the specific brand that they are interested in. Some of the websites that sell vaporizers also have comparison tools that will allow buyers to compare the different brands being sold. Using this together with the feedback system, customers will be able to establish whether the marketing claims are being backed up by the performance of the product. Other users will also be able to establish whether the products are safe to use.


Revolutionary Smoking Experience with Portable Vaporizer

Smoke weed anywhere and anytime you desire without the consequences of suffering from tobacco-causing diseases and being held up by law enforcers with electronic cigarettes. A portable vaporizer will let you replicate the habit of smoking weed, nicotine, or herbs without tobacco burning, tar, carbon monoxide, smoke, noxious smell, and harmful chemicals that are detrimental to human health and overall well being.

Tobacco cigarette smoking is so yesterday! This can also be said about smoking weed with the utilization of traditional smoking devices. Legislation’s and bills have been passed to ban tobacco products altogether. Current laws established against the purchase and use of tobacco products has made it rather an expensive commodity. Smoking weed on the other hand is still frowned upon by many groups due to the effects that it has on the human body. Although not as dangerous as that delivered by tobacco, marijuana as downers are known to impair one’s mental and physical capacities. When abused, smoking weed may result in accidents as well.

Although a slew of regulations have effectively reduced the number of tobacco smokers and weed smokers, it is not enough for all smokers to quit the nasty habit of smoking permanently. Smoking cessation products approved by the FDA are not as promising as most smokers who have used them in the past are now on relapse. Smoking weed is yet another difficult habit to eliminate right away. The invention of vaporizers- be it marijuana or tobacco has undeniably changed all of this. Unlike patches, gums, and medications that claim to induce smoking cessation, more smokers are now off tobacco use and the use of traditional weed smoking devices for good mainly due to the utilization of portable vaporizers.

The vape pen and portable vaporizer market is fast growing not because of novelty, but because of its effectiveness in helping traditional cigarette smokers quit tobacco use altogether. For herb and marijuana smokers on the other hand, vape pens enable them to carry their favorite blend or variety with them anywhere. Portable vaporizers are the best smoking alternative as it promises to reduce addiction to the activity of smoking and eventually eliminate dependence on weed altogether. By offering eliquid and dry herbs, smokers now have the ability to finally be free from nicotine and its bad effects as well as eliminate the use of traditional weed smoking paraphernalia that seem to be a cause of danger among many smokers as well.

If you are looking for a dry herb vaporizer, Atmos Raw is a brand that has consistently proven itself to be the best portable vape pen in the market. Aside from its discrete appearance, it boasts effectiveness that no other vape pen brand can deliver. Throw all those papers in the window and experience the best way of getting high with Atmos Raw Vaporizer. They also feature a multitude of eliquid solutions and herbs that you can enjoy with the use of this exceptionally powerful vaporizer for sale which you can find plenty of at ,,, and

Why Choose Vape Pens

If you want to quit smoking and you feel that you cannot quit cold turkey, which is to quit without any aid, then instead of using nicotine patches that still contain nicotine, you should turn to the help of vaporizers. They are a healthier alternative to smoking and will not produce respiratory disorders such as pneumonia, emphysema, tuberculosis, or any other illnesses that may lead to lung cancer. They are very affordable in price as they come in many forms and have many flavors that will make them very fun to use. Another benefit is that they are rechargeable and re-usable so that you can use them anywhere as compared to a cigarette that you have to find a smoking area to smoke. You will also live a lot longer.

Here are other reasons why you should switch to the use of vape pens:

• Acceptable use in public places.

The regulation of marijuana as well as vaporizers has not yet reached a specific standard because the product is still in its evolution phase. As a relatively new product, it is acceptable to use it in private places instead, because of the negative perception that there are no harmful side effects like second-hand and third-hand smoke that has already been established with traditional tobacco cigarettes. Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not explicitly divulge the specific ingredients that go into their products.

By purchasing vaporizers, you can establish whether using it in public really will not cause any harm to people around you. This is the responsible way of using vaporizers.


• The production of second-hand vapor.

It is a fact that dry herb vape pens do not produce second-hand smoke; however, they do produce second-hand vapor. Although the claim is that the vapor consists mostly of water and flavoring, there is no sure way to establish this fact except with the manufacturer of the product. The best way to do this is to go to the website of the manufacturer and look at the specifications of the product or pose a question to the manufacturer on their website.

Unfortunately, for many vaporizers coming from outside the country, the website of the manufacturer is quite difficult to find because some of these products have been re-branded. When you buy vaporizers from online sellers, normally a link to the website of the manufacturer is provided or in some instances, customers will be informed on how to contact the manufacturer.

When such information is missing, buyers can get hold of the customer service department of the online sellers to get the contact number of the manufacturer. This will help them establish whether the second-hand vapor is safe.

For some users of vaporizers, buying from retail stores may be quite convenient, especially if one is close to their place. However, when you consider all of these important reasons and becoming responsible users of this type of product, it is definitely better to buy herbal vaporizers from online sellers.

There are many different forms of vaporizers in the market today. The come in different sizes with many different flavors. Some resemble cigarettes and others resemble an office pen. They all come with their different chargers and cartridges. Selecting them can be viewed as a challenge or as an adventure.

Vaporizers are not expensive. They are actually a lot cheaper than continuing with the habit of buying cigarettes daily. Buying one vaporizer that you could use endlessly as the only thing you must replace are the different cartridges and flavors is cheaper. Here are a few tips on how to select your vaporizer:

• Select a vaporizer that suits your style. In doing this you may get vaporizer that resembles an actual cigarette so as to feel as if you were still smoking.

• Select a vaporizer that can carry a lot of liquid as this will prove to be of longer usage.

• Select a vaporizer that has a portable charger so that you may charge in your car, in a coffee shop, or in a friend’s apartment.

• Select a vaporizer that has re-usable or refillable cartridges. This way you can save more money and become healthier.